Mystery Case Files Game Series

The Mystery Case Files series is one the best known brands in the hidden object game genre. It combines the challenges of various styles of puzzles (ranging from the standard hidden object games to other mind-boggling puzzles) together with the enjoyable atmosphere of crime whodunits and mystery thrillers. With seven games released so far – all of which have become bestselling and award-winning hits – this series is still going strong and looks like it’s here to stay for a very long time. It has even moved across to the mobile platform.MCF: HuntsvilleHuntsville is the game that started it all for Mystery Case Files. Climb the crime-fighting ranks from rookie to master detective in this classic hidden object game whodunit where eagle eyes save the day.Solve criminal cases by searching for clues and identifying suspects in the game that turned the hidden object game genre into an internet sensation. Solve petty thefts and forgeries in various locales such as the local barber shop and the library with the help of your trusty Crime Computer.MCF: Prime SuspectsRevisit the world of Mystery Case Files as the master detective. This time, you face your biggest case yet: the theft of the Queen’s Hope, the largest diamond in the world.Eliminate each of your suspects in Capital City by searching for clues throughout the many locales in the City, from the Rialto Theater to the hotdog stand. Use the Crime Computer to help identify suspects and strike off bad leads. You can also unlock hidden levels by finding and combining special hidden items scattered throughout the crime scenes.MCF: RavenhearstTake a break from the world of gumshoe crime-fighting and embark on a mystery thriller in the quaint English countryside. Solve the mystery of Ravenhearst manor and of the American schoolteacher who somehow got involved in its mysteries with disastrous consequences.Explore the various rooms in Ravenhearst manor and look for clues that will help you piece together the diary of Emma the schoolteacher, which will hopefully reveal the secrets of the mansion and find out what’s been haunting this elegant estate. Access locked rooms with new puzzles that will challenge your mind!MCF: Madame FateContinue on the journey of the Master Detective as you are hired by Madame Fate, a carnival owner. She has seen her own murder in the future and wants you to catch the murderer before it is too late!Search for clues in the colourful areas which include the tunnel of love and the mermaid’s tank. Solve interesting puzzles in order to interrogate the various characters in the carnival, and access the crystal ball via more puzzles in order to discover the identity of the murderer.MCF: Return to RavenhearstThe story of the ghost of Emma Ravenhearst continues in the next chapter in the Mystery Case Files series! Visit a transformed Ravenhearst Manor in a game that’s more adventure and puzzles than your typical hidden object game.Solve over 150 puzzles and find hidden objects in levels and rooms that have been seamlessly integrated into a haunting adventure story. If the tricky puzzles won’t stump you, the gorgeously painted and rendered graphics will!MCF: Agent X and MCF: MillionHeirThese 2 games mark the crossover of the Mystery Case Files games over to the mobile platform. Agent X explores the adventures of the detective on cellphones with Glu Mobile capability.MillionHeir represents a partnership between Mystery Case Files with a giant in the mobile gaming industry. Published by Nintendo and available for the Nintendo DS gaming console, MillionHeir presents hidden object games in a manner that has never been seen before.Visit Hidden Puzzles for more information about each individual Mystery Case Files game.